Technology Heterogeneity Due to the nature of microservices the system is composed out of collaborating services, for each of these services you can, but don’t need to, use a different technology. This approach allows you to use the right tool for each job without having to make compromises like you would have to do in a […]

AWS AWS has more than 1 million active customers EC2 usage increased 95% YOY (Q2 2014 Q2 2015) S3 usage increased 120% YOY DB Usage 127% YOY 81% YOY Revenue growth Amazon Aurora (Enterprise Database) is one of the fastest growing services, faster than RedShift (Data warehousing) Why do enterprises switch to the Cloud Change […]

Microservices The traditional monolithic application architecture is easy to develop, test, and deploy. Unfortunately those applications tend to become large, complex, and as a team it’s difficult to work together on the app. Big applications tend to intimidate developers and it also increases coordination within a team. When deploying, monolithic applications have a higher risk […]

Today, software is often delivered as a service. 12factor is a methodology for building software-as-a-service applications. By using this methodology, you ensure best practices and lots of business benefits that come with it. Here are five benefits: 1. Scalability Twelve Factor applications are easily scalable. By applying the practices, you can run 1 application server, or multiple. […]

What makes DevOps so difficult? Everyone agrees that DevOps-oriented profiles are hard to find in the job market. You might want to automate your whole IT infrastructure, but your DevOps team still needs to have the bandwidth to do their daily work. DevOps teams are often under resourced, and there is a steep learning curve […]

WordPress WordPress is the most popular Content Management System for websites. In January 2015, WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites (wikipedia). Unfortunately, when you download WordPress, it’s not designed to run properly on Cloud providers because it never adopted newer methodologies. WordPress doesn’t scale easily, it lacks native […]

Today we want to focus on the app, not on the operations involved by running a zero-downtime, scalable, resilient (web) application. DevOps should help us creating a culture where Developers and Operations work together to get the applications deployed. As a Developer, it all starts by developing applications using the correct principles to make the […]

NASA gathered approximately 1.73 gigabytes of data before you are able to reach the end of this sentence. Boeing 787 generates on average approximately half a terabyte of data per flight. Due to these vast amount of data generated by devices and sensors, most data management solutions are just not cut out for this task. […]

Implementing DevOps starts with optimizing your existing Software Development LifeCycle to bring Dev and Ops closer together. If you can develop and deploy software better and quicker, you can focus more on what’s important, and less on infrastructure problems or bugs that arise from promoting software to production. A lot of software is available to […]