IN4IT offers 24/7 support contracts to its customers. It’s very important for us that our customers can easily and reliably reach IN4IT when they need assistance. Instead of capturing the calls to a support engineer, we want our customers to be able to reach the correct engineer directly. We are not a telecommunications company, so […]

Cake brings together all your existing bank accounts and transactions. It analyses your financial data and habits, to make your life better. Cake makes your bank accounts pay off again, by sharing its profits with you. It’s the app that rewrites the rules. To make sure you will always get your piece. Intro IN4IT has […]

My latest course is all about scaling applications on-premise and in the cloud. Let me explain in just a few paragraphs why you would want to make your application scalable and how you would do it: Making your app scalable will always reduce costs Everyone understands that you can scale when needing more resources, but even […]

AWS AWS has more than 1 million active customers EC2 usage increased 95% YOY (Q2 2014 Q2 2015) S3 usage increased 120% YOY DB Usage 127% YOY 81% YOY Revenue growth Amazon Aurora (Enterprise Database) is one of the fastest growing services, faster than RedShift (Data warehousing) Why do enterprises switch to the Cloud Change […]

Microservices The traditional monolithic application architecture is easy to develop, test, and deploy. Unfortunately those applications tend to become large, complex, and as a team it’s difficult to work together on the app. Big applications tend to intimidate developers and it also increases coordination within a team. When deploying, monolithic applications have a higher risk […]

The operational cost of Applications The big operational cost of applications is maintenance. Low and Medium security updates are often applied on a weekly or monthly basis. High and Critical updates are expedited, which means they’re are often implemented during out of hours and weekends. Next, after a couple of years running the application, the […]