Techradar reported in early 2020 that Amazon Web Services now has 175 products. Between the start of SQS (November 2004) and August 2020, there are more than 7500 announcements made on “What’s new at AWS”. You might wonder how a typical application team, building and deploying their apps on AWS, is keeping up to date on […]

Companies often fall into the trap of building standardized infrastructure themselves, then offer it to their teams to run their workloads on. For example: Compute, IaaS, which let teams spin up and down compute; A mix of IaaS and DBaaS, making sure that databases are managed; Platform as a Service to let developers build and […]

When Amazon started rewriting its closed source software for networking devices (Source: Youtube), they started with a warning that it ‘ll get worse first before it’ll get better. They were surprised that it very quickly went a lot better because they were able to write very specific code for their use case without having to […]

What is AWS Config Every time you’re reading about yet another unprotected S3 bucket that has leaked, you’re probably wondering how is it possible to let this happen. When your AWS footprint gets bigger, it gets more difficult to keep track of all your AWS resources. You might have multiple AWS accounts, making it even […]

AWS Users and Roles can have their permissions limited by a Permission Boundary. The effective permissions are at the intersection of the user or role policy and the permission boundary (which is also defined as an IAM policy). One of the use-cases of using Permission Boundaries is to restrict external access of your AWS users […]

How Cake uses Kinesis to deliver real-time insights. Cake brings together all your existing bank accounts and transactions. The app analyses your financial data and habits, to make your life better. Cake makes your bank accounts pay off again, by sharing its profits with you. It’s the app that rewrites the rules. To make sure […]

Employees typically get a laptop or workstation to do their work. Contractors use their own laptops or workstations in most cases. This brings all kinds of challenges on how to manage and secure these. In small and medium companies there is often no time or resources to ensure the laptop is and stays secure. When […]

JWTs (JSON Web Tokens) provide an easy and scalable way to perform user access control. JWTs are often used in microservices. As shown in the diagram, JWTs are signed by an authentication server, stored by the user, and can be validated by one or more application servers when a user makes an API call. The […]

Data partitioning helps to speed up your Amazon Athena queries, and also reduces your cost, as you need to query less data.  Partitioning data means that we split the data up into related groups of data. Possible partitions could be date (time-based), zipcode, different types (contexts), etc. When querying the data, the query is constrained […]

Learn how we ingest, process, and visualize data at a price point you never thought was possible. BI Software is notoriously expensive. Today there are a lot of great tools to choose from, like Tableau, IBM Cognos, Microsoft PowerBI, etc. For a customer, we implemented Amazon QuickSight, and we are surprised by the low price […]